You don’t have to worry about durability.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

It is generally considered a space that is not in reality.
In the case of the afterlife, Hinduism and Buddhism,
in accordance with the leap of view
It also means “a life to be born again and the next.”
Sleeping every day and starting a new life again the next day.
In a way, I think it’s a reincarnation.

This time, we’re going to go to the Daejeon Yuseong District.
Skyning installation in one house
A request has been received.
It was on the top floor, so I saw a refreshing view.
Let’s watch it together through the image.

Skyning helps you use a wide variety of spaces.
So that it’s not affected by the season or time zone.
It’s a lot of different devices that make up for the shortcomings.
It’s a very useful interior.
That’s why many companies want skyning.

The frame that supports the skyning is solid.
Unlike the Pagora system, skyning does not have parallel floors and ceilings.
It has an oblique tone.
Not only that, but also the opening and closing formats of Earnings are different.

The bone material is aluminum.
It’s very light steel and strong.
Not only a lot of customers, but also the company.
It’s used as a material for skyning.
It’s not only cost-effectiveness but also efficiency.
You don’t have to worry about durability.

Sky work can also be considered as a building work.
It’s a product that you have to take great care not to collapse in the 파고라 structure of a building.
But in the case of professional companies, the know-how accumulated from years of experience plays a role.
You don’t have to worry too much.

The skyning allows LED lights to be installed.
It’s easy to operate with just one button.
All day and night with this LED light.
You can take advantage of space at any time.

So this time, we’re going to set up a skyning facility in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.
You took a look at it together.

In our Siwon system, based on know-how accumulated from years of experience,
With the best technology, we put the satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any questions, don’t feel pressured.
If you can contact me at any time, I’d like a friendly, meticulous consultation.
I promise to solve your problems.

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