Let’s divide the method of making a fortune-telling forgery

Recently, there has been no one other than Samsung Electronics shareholders

It’s been a hot topic. I’m a big hit, so I’m a big hit

Okay, if you knew this would be a little bit

I wonder if I’ve tried harder

If you didn’t have the information, you’d have this little joy

I don’t think I could have!

I’m not gonna 폰테크 be able to get a lot of new information

I think the reason is because I study steadily in finance.

Studying is not essential when you are stocking, but if you do not

I think it’s a little too much to succeed.

As I studied financial technology and made efforts, I have achieved results

And if you’re lucky to have it, you’re in the best shape.

Especially, I have been able to analyze new information and events.

I think I can make a high profit if I penetrate it.

No matter how famous and emerging it is,

I don’t think it means much to live when I know everything.

The stock price that has already risen, even if the proceeds can be large

If the yield is low, it can not be said that it has succeeded.

I think so. So when I was studying finance, I was more interested in

I’m not sure if someone with fast information

I’m thinking!

I’m almost studying investment technology on YouTube.

I think everyone’s going to have a lot of them these days,

There are so many channels by type, and I’m the one who’s

I’m begging Lee Sang-woo’s ideal investment group!

I have a lot of good news, so sometimes I have to make an appointment

I missed the city hall and regretted a lot the next day.

I know a lot of big-time events like Samsung Electronics

I’m giving you some honey information, but I don’t know where I’m going

I can do that. I really did it on YouTube to study financial technology

I think it was a good choice!

It’s a very friendly medium for us.

I’m sure you’re not gonna be able to get information

I think it’s the world

And the stocks that the ideal investment group recommends,

Analysts’ lectures are really very quality

I’ve been seeing him all the time.

It’s amazing because the quality is too good to be called free content

I’m just saying! It’s a real help

It’s a great class because I can only study financial technology

Being an individual investor is a responsibility

I think it’s a job. Of course, he’s as good as his own tech student

Trying on your own is the only way to success,

How you study your finances, and the results

Of course it’s gonna change, right? I’m trying to work hard

I think there is a far way forward!

Every time I have time, I’m going to have to

It is also good to study financial technology to keep watching

I think it’s a way! If you’re studying, you’ll be able to tell

The chance to get to the stock in a fun way,

I’m making money, so of course I have to do this!

I hope everyone’s gonna be the second Samsung shareholder.

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