One name, Moonwatch, is the bombardment of the need for small intestines

The watch I will introduce is a model launched in Omega, a luxury sports watch brand, and it is a wonderful watch that coexists vintage feeling and sportiness.

Among the various products released by the Omega brand, Speedmaster is a product that is produced by racing watch and shows sporty design.

The model that I introduce is the product that shows various charms with professional door watch among this racing watch speed master product.

In the case of the name Moon Watch, it is a name that contains a very long time.

It’s named because the first space flight is a timeglass.

In the case of speedmaster, after various tests tested by NASA, all the clocks passed were recognized for their durability and performance, and they climbed on the wrists of astronauts on the moon.

Because the watch that astronauts wore when they landed on the moon is this model, it has been named Moon Watch, so it has proved its long history and its performance.

The design itself is not changed so much that it feels quite classical now.

This product has a matte case and a line of glaze, which has a sophisticated style.

The case has a ringhead in the three o’clock direction and is made of fluted type so that it can easily set a clock.

On the side of Yongdu, the Omega brand mark is added and gives points.

It also has a chronograph push button up and down the Yongdu, and a simple design works to make it feel neat and sporty, making it feel various charms.

As the bezel is made with racing watches, the takimeter imprints are included, which makes it feel sporty.

It is made up of several numbers, dots and scales, so you can measure the speed while showing a sporty feeling.

The dial was made in black, just like the bezel.

Above the clean black dial, the index with stick-type luminous paint is applied to make it possible to have high cyanity, but it adds vintage and classical feeling.

It also shows a racing watch down feeling by putting long ticks and small ticks between indexes so that you can check even a very small time.

At twelve o’clock, two dot-shaped luminous paints are placed at the bottom of the index.

Down below, the Omega brand mark, brand name, and the product’s famous professional letter are marked in white and give points.

As it is a racing watch, the 레플리카 dial has three sub-divers.

Each consists of a 30-minute 12-hour permanent second hand.

The hands are made in a simple sod shape, and all the hands are applied in a clean white color, so you can feel the clean and high cyanity.

The band was made of a matte steel band.

It is very good to use it as a daily watch because it allows users to relieve the burden of scratches with a matte steel band

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