40%, so you have to look at whether you do not exceed it.

Hello! I’m a steam mango for loan and financial information. This time, Jurin will tell you how to invest in dividend payouts you must read. First of all, I am really interested in stocks these days, and I am interested in stocks and there are many people who actually invest in stocks so that it is difficult to find people who do not stock among their acquaintances.
dividend benefit
Among them, we need to look closely at dividend payouts because we can invest in workers who do not have time to check the house price, and we can invest stably through higher interest rates and low volatility than deposits in commercial banks.
Dividend shares?
The company calls the dividend stock that distributes the profits earned from the company for a certain period of time to the shareholders. It is said that the dividend stock is the dividend stock that is expected to receive a high dividend income compared to other stocks listed on the stock market.

To explain in more detail, the company distributes some of the profits earned from its business activities for a certain period of time to shareholders, which is the dividend paid to shareholders. In the case of listed companies, dividends are usually paid from once to four times a year. In Korea, dividends are paid at the end of the year.

The advantage is that if you have dividends for a long time and get dividends, there will be no substantial damage even if the share price falls a little. If the share price of the dividend is rising, you can expect profit from the sale.

If you have advantages, there are disadvantages. Most companies that have a high dividend yield or dividend yield are likely to have passed the high growth period. Therefore, it can be seen as a result that it is better to pay the profits as dividends rather than to invest in new profits.

dividend stock investment method
In order to invest in dividends, it is first of all 폰테크 to establish basic common sense, and you must first figure out the schedule to receive dividends. In the case of stocks, it is different from the deposit, so you should have one year to receive a year’s dividend.

If you belong to the company’s shareholder list in line with the dividend payment date, you will receive dividends. In Korea, you can belong to the shareholder list after 3 trading days including the purchase date.

finding good dividend
It is also important to develop the ability to find good dividends for dividend investment. The criteria you are looking for are slightly different from investment tendency. If you enter the domestic stock market category in Naver Finance and press dividends, you can check the stocks in the order of dividend yield.

It is good to check the dividend of the company for the past three years, and it is said that the company that has been steadily distributing for at least three years will be more likely to pay dividends this year.

dividend propensity
Another way to pay dividends is to find out if the dividend payout ratio is less than 40%. Dividend payout ratio refers to the ratio of dividends paid in cash among net profit. The net profit ratio that corporations pay to shareholders as dividends.

If you need to invest for the development of a company, and you pay all the money you earn as dividends, there will be no business development. We don’t care about the development of the company, so long-term investments are too much and not helpful, and we have to look at whether the optimal limit is 40%.

surplus cash flow
In addition, the surplus cash flow of the company should be well seen, which means the rest of the cash that the company has benefited from the business, excluding operating expenses, facility investment, and taxes. Dividends are paid only if the company has money, so checking them helps to invest.

Today, I have learned about how to invest in dividend stocks. If you are interested in investing in dividend stocks, please read it and invest.Although dividend payouts are safe investments, please note that there is a risk because they are a type of stock!

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