It’s not a pleasure to meet you after 10 years, but we can’t get along without having a drink together.

It’s the warmest weather of this winter with jiujitsu and kickboxing.
The sunlight is so good that the temperature will be more than 20 degrees.
I think spring will come after a cold snap or two.
Don’t waste your time in this wonderful spring when forsythia blooms and azaleas blooms and all living things resume their activities and make great memories while training in jiujitsu.

It’s nice to meet my seniors and juniors in 10 years, but it’s not a pleasure to meet them in 10 years on the way, but I can’t get along without a drink.

It’s been 30 years since I met a senior who learned boxing together in middle school.
We talked about working out at the school all day long.
It’s a great memory when I meet someone I used to work out with.
I hope all of you who live in Uijeongbu come to team fighters to learn Jiu-Jitsu kickboxing, improve your body, gain confidence, and make good memories.
It’s Friday night, so the seal is low.
Where’d they all go?
Was it really windy after the spring breeze?
Woojin and Yebin are sparring and practicing their skills.
Jiujitsu wannabe.
Grow well.
Heavyweight sparring.
The total of two people is about 230?
Let’s do Jiu-Jitsu sparring and start martial arts sparring.
Following the sparring of the two bulls,
Heavyweight and Pinweight Sparring
Jaeyeon is working hard today.
Uijeongbu Team Fighter Jiu-Jitsu Kickboxing Gym has you with good dues.
If you register for 3 months, you will receive a high-quality uniform for free.
Anytime at 24 o’clock is fine.
We’ll be kind enough to talk to you at midnight.
Today is Friday! You know, if you just cheer up for today, you’ll be able to rest the whole weekend,
It’s a pretty good day.
It’s the weekend if you hang in there until today, so let’s all cheer up!
Today, I’m posting to Princess Carlson Gracie Korea.
It’s the first gym in the princess.
It’s a gym that has the best conditions for exercising!
Princess Jisoo Carlson Gracie Korea, the princess!
Despite having to wear a mask and exercise due to the Corona aftermath,
This is how many government officials work out!
I’ve been working out with a mask on, and it’s really painful.
I think you’re all amazing.
Princess Jitsu Carlson Gracie Korea, the princess branch,
On the second and third floors, we’re going to split the floors and 주짓수 exercise on the second floor.
The gym we’re providing is clearly separated from the rest and exercise areas.
I think I can concentrate more on my workout!
If I have a chance later, I’ll give the princess a full picture of the gym.
I’m gonna post a post explaining it.
The gym’s got great facilities, and the coaches and the coaches are pretty good.
It’s such a shame that I can only take pictures and videos of this.
If I have a chance later, I will upload it.
Wow, but there are a lot of people who are working out today!
But you don’t have to worry too much. Princess Jisoo, the head of the princess department, once a day.
When you do quarantine, ventilate, and exercise, make sure to wear a mask.
I can exercise safely because I’m doing it.

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