All were in excellent condition

I feel like I’m in a slump this year

Should we do it? I think it’s all over the country and the world

It is more negative because it is difficult to see

I think I’m going to be affected too. Just last year

Even if it is, it is a good play to spend the autumn and winter

And I’m going to look at musical works

I used to 88카 get wider

If I had a roof, how do I drive?

I would have been there, but I did not move

You must take public transportation unconditionally to do so

I’m gonna avoid it. I’m gonna need to get you

And then I’m gonna have the consequences

It could be, and it would be too much

I was worried, so I’ve been interested in cars lately

I’m a little bit of a bitch, you know?

I was wondering if we could see the used price of the Celtos

I’m looking for things that are naturally there

I’ve changed my mind a lot, but honestly,

I’d say I like the Seltos used

I thought I’d consider it. I was just thinking

Sometimes, I sniper at my tastes among the suvs

I used to have a sleek design.

But it was this guy. The front grille

And it’s this ramp and it’s all over it

It’s forming an intellectual image

And the color is slightly more toned than black

Should I say bright? It looked like a rat

I liked it because it was so unique

And the engine that can be called the center of the car

I opened the bonnet to see it. I just wanted to see it

I was surprised to see that it was so clean and oily

I didn’t have any leaks, and the parts

It’s like a new one. I’m missing one of those

You better watch without it, and start the engine

I mean, the engine sounds really good, too, you know?

The Daga Center fascia air conditioner and heater were also essential

Ziyo, it looked good to see everything was going well!

You know, you guys actually saw this guy

I’m not that big, I’m not gonna be able to

Drive good and others ride moderately

Should I say yes? I think that’s what I’m thinking

If you see it, the workers will ride around

I think it’s good ~ I like visuals so much

I’ve heard it, but I’ve been able to

It was about whether we could do it! For now, the pollution

I could protect you from being able to do it,

Do you see the way it’s opening up?

It was better than it was in the management

I found out that I didn’t run that long

and they’re being fed with diesel fuel

If you’re worried about fuel economy or

If you’ve been doing a lot, you’ll be able to seriously consider

I think it’s good, even if it’s a little trembling

Not too much. This is just driving like gasoline

I don’t think you’re gonna be soft, but I’m not

it steadily maintains when doing according to the check mode

I got the impression that it was there

by this

I’ve seen it, and I’ve been running

I thought it would be good for Kia Seltos

the sheet of inside as much as the vinyl is wrapped

It was neatly protected. Sitting down

I’ve looked at the seats like this before, and this is it

Can I sit down? I think

It looks so soft and pretty solid

It was good to be in a state, too.

I thought it would be stable if I ran. I had a back

I don’t think it’s good to be comfortable

I prefer chairs that can be changed

I’m a little more inclined. I guess

It was kept in a very suitable condition

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