I really recommend you to do a hotel massage!

It’s getting colder and colder. It snowed heavily yesterday. Everyone, drive safely because the road is slippery. I slipped down the stairs and my neck was broken. ㅠㅠ To be exact, I didn’t fall completely, but I think my neck is a bit strained because I almost fell, but I always look at the monitor from my chair and it’s hard. So I decided to go get an Ansan massage.

There’s a place where I go to Ansan hotel-style massage often. It’s not far from Ansan Station, so I looked for it well after work. The building is so big and there are many other businesses in it, so there are many other things to enjoy besides massage. The teachers here are very kind and they are famous for their good massage skills. I heard that there are no strangers around. As expected, I thought it was a good thing that I trusted the recommendation and came here.

Before we went in, the entrance was made of transparent glass. I saw the interior design, so I took a peek and it was very luxurious. It has a different atmosphere from other general massage shops, so I was very excited and nervous. I was more nervous because of the delicate aroma that flowed through the door. Anyway, I rushed in.

I decided to sit down and wait with the teacher’s bright greetings. I heard that I can get a little discount if I make a reservation, so I made a reservation and visited, but when I came here in a hurry, it arrived earlier than I thought. They set up a separate waiting zone for customers to wait. It was so nice to be able to sit comfortably and wait while looking out the window while preparing a magazine next to me.

It’s finally my turn, so I went to choose the menu. Ansan hotel-style massage is for Gunma and you can enjoy it as a member if you sign up and visit. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that the massage you can get is limited or inferior in quality! There were swedish massage, aroma 안산건마 massage, sports massage, tie massage, and so on, so I could choose comfortably.

I finally decided to have an Ansan Swedish massage. I came here to get a hotel massage, but I was attracted to it. The first thing that comes true is foot bathing. I was dipping my feet in warm water. If it’s a very simple process, it could be. But after doing a hotel massage in Ansan, it felt a bit different and I felt relieved my fatigue. I promised myself that I’d do it often at home.

And I finally came into my room. First of all, I was assigned a single room because I visited alone. As I was moving around the hall, there were various rooms that can accommodate various types of people, including couple rooms and multi-person rooms. I thought it would be good to come with my friends later on. As I lay down on the bed, I felt warm and soft bedding. I can see how hard you take care of this. The therapy started right after the teacher came in. You were so small and strong that it was so cool and satisfying! ^^ I really recommend you to do a hotel massage in Ansan!

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