I just did a massage, and my body is full of scent!

Busan Male Massage – Legend
The first place I will introduce is Legend located near Exit 4 of Jigegol Station in Munhyeon-dong, Nam-gu. It is a professional shop specializing in Swedish massage and emotional healing therapy. As the name suggests, all the guests who visited are giving thumbs-up care. All the Korean massage paramedics who have completed the therapy course are present, so you can feel more comfortable.

Most of all, Orgel is…

for moisturizing purposes

Snail mucus margin

Not only that.

effective in calming

to the bottle grass extract

blending made

Massage oil.

I’ve never used one before.

It was a different dimension.

vaguely aromatics

I’m not sure about the other products 인천건마 you put in.

It smells different.

with natural ingredients

safe to use

It’s made up of only ingredients.

The texture of massage oil is important.

Most of all, the applicability.

I think it should be good.

This product is water-soluble jelly.

smudged and moistened on the skin

Smooth, smoother.

There is.

That’s why I’m so proud of my tight muscles.

To let go of

It was perfect.
according to the viscosity

sticky and sticky

It’s not an oily viscosity.

slightly viscous rather than water

It’s a moist jelly type.

At first glance, it looks like water.

It looks like jelly at first glance!

flowing viscosity


It’s not a feeling, it’s moist.

It seems to be better.

It applies very well.

It’s also very absorbent.

softly by hand

I only did Rowling.

It’s spreading so fast.

It absorbs well.

in the dry areas of the skin


I think they filled it up.

It’s shiny even after it’s absorbed.

It’s not sticky.

a moist feeling

It’s very natural.

I like it a lot.

Thanks to the moist moisture,

My skin is not dry skin.

fat-soluble products

usually due to the viscosity.

frequent hands

The part that won’t go is…

There’s a lot.

Orzel is

Not sticky.



It felt really good.

And it’s moist.

It was very moisturizing.

And snail mucus filtration.

In addition,


It’s very good.

I really liked it.

When you massage yourself,

For other water soluble products

It dries up quickly.

continuously while in use

I need to apply the product.

For this product

It’s very durable.

You don’t have to keep applying it.

I like it because it’s not a hassle.

It’s too convenient to massage.


Massage oil in it.

The first scent is good, too.

a scent permeated into the skin

It’s really nice.

Not only subtle scents,

The scent on your skin

like the body odor of a body

Because it’s soft.

It made me feel even better.

I just did a massage.

My body is full of scent!

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