It’s a grandchild, a massage parlorious.

It’s a pain management place, so it’s not cheap, but it’s very effective, and if you get a membership, you can pay about 10% for it, so this is better.

There are posters stretching alone in the room. Stretching is this important per room.

He came out and gave me Kiyomi’s water!

Thanks to you, it’s been a week, but my shoulders are still light.

I’m so touched. Pain Healing Massage!!

Even now, sometimes he presses his shoulders!

For those of you who are especially sick like me, I hope you visit the water massage site at Oksu Station!

If you go to work in the morning and suffer from the company all day long, you will be so tired.

It wouldn’t have been this hard if you’d supplied me well.


I’m exhausted in the evening.

I often use children’s massage 강남 스웨디시 coupons, but they’re weak~

I wrestle in front of the computer all day long, and my shoulder is a daily routine.

I need something that will definitely release the lumps.

Withgun!!! What is this?

I thought you ordered an electric drill set…

I love having a case in the product like this.

It’s easy to keep.

The case type is better than the one in a box or wallet type!

The ability to penetrate the heart of needs!!

I thought I would use it in real life, just as my first impression was like an electric drill.

I’m looking forward to it.

Components: Massage gun, 6-head, exclusive charger, manual, case

A six-piece head suitable for use in each area.

A large round ball head suitable for waist, abdomen, buttocks, and legwan with large muscles.

A small round ball head that is available for most muscles and suitable for the inner thighs, arms, and calves.

A Devl fork head suitable for when a larger stimulus is needed in a wider area.

A flat head suitable for strengthening the muscles in and out of the abdomen, chest, and legs.

A-type head suitable for releasing the pulse and blood back between the soles of the feet, palms and Achilles tendon muscles.

D-type head that is available for all muscles and helps relax and shape muscles.

Use by selecting suitable parts with various heads.

You don’t have to use it like that.

You can try it on and use something cool.
The two round ball heads are not hard.

It feels a bit heavy.

But, if you’re this powerful, you can.

It was a weight that I could accept.

A massage gun that was optimal for shoulder massage.

Use your hands to tap the blue LED touch display screen!

You can specify the strength with a simple touch.

The intensity is from level 1 to level 30.

It also shows the remaining battery power and adjusts the speed to + and -.

You can tap it and push it to speed it up.

Level 1 to 10 is a light massage.

Steps 11 to 20 are muscle relaxation and muscle relaxation.

Level 21 to 30 is strong muscle and pericardial massage.

From step 11 and above, it feels less intense.

It’s getting deeper.

On a single charge with a powerful lithium-ion battery inside the massage gun

Available for 4 hours in a row.

Automatic setting of 10 minutes for each use.

After 10 minutes, the power is automatically turned off.

You can use it by turning it on again for additional use.

I needed a shoulder massage the most.

Powerful and shoulder massage has cooled me down.

Not only my shoulders, but my daughter had a calf muscle from a school jump rope competition a few days ago.

Hit a shot with a massage gun just because you’re sick!

Step one is itchy.

After the massage, my hands are shaking with strong power.

I still feel nervous.~~

Besides, when I went to the belly, I was shaking…

I feel like my soul is being robbed. @@

Replace the massage head in front and loosen the shoulder clumps.

It’s cool!!! It’s cool~~~~

It’s a grandchild, a massage parlorious.

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