We’re going to solve the problem of 88카 imported cars

These days, there’s been a lot of interest in cars.

Okay. I was driving, and it came out so pretty.

Because I saw several models.

By contrast, my old boongboong looks shabby.

I’m thinking about changing it now.

And then I started to act.

And then, you know, it’s really something you can introduce to your neighbors.

Now that I’ve found a place of conscience, shall I share it with you?

That’s how I got to post!

I visited many places in person and consulted with them.

I found a really nice place. That’s [Middle-class brothers]

It’s called.

Where I can benefit a lot from looking at cars.

I thought I’d make a choice, but it was right here.

The reason I chose this is because it’s highly recognizable.

Being assessed was the top priority.

First, I set up an appointment for a consultation, and I visited him in person,

It was huge.

Why would people choose this place to pay for used cars?

I realized for sure if it worked.

When it comes to choosing, it’s clear that you’re going to visit in person.

There’s a big difference in just conducting counseling.

It’s also run by a trusted dealer.

I heard it’s where they are.

We’re going to ride the terrestrial broadcasters SBS and Mescom here.

It’s amazing how reliable you are.

I heard you were selected as a conscience dealer on the program.

I think your resume is amazing.

I thought I was doing a good job.

Not only on TV programs, but also on the JoongAng Ilbo media.

I heard it 88카 came out.

To win the Brand Grand Prize in the Consumer category

I’m sure you all noticed that it’s already famous, right?

I checked the picture myself and it was very reliable.

I heard a lot of people are looking for a used car installment plan.

The recognition has already been confirmed and the credibility has been recognized.

I thought that I could trust and proceed with it.

I’ve visited a few places before.

There are many different kinds compared to other places.

From compact cars to midsize cars to large cars to foreign cars

You can see a variety of things.

I’ve got about 30,000 units.

It was good to have more choices.

First of all, I’d like to talk to you before I go ahead.

I’m referring to the budget and the type of vehicle I’m looking for.

You showed me several cars in person according to the used car installment plan.

It’s more convenient because you can check it right away on the spot.

Please explain each car in detail.

It’s more reliable because you mention it so I can understand it.

But that didn’t mean he was a compulsive buyer

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