a cool aroma for a full-body 건마 care

A few days ago, I met a friend in a long time.

Let’s relax after lunch.

I got the Daejeon Massage.

I’ve taken the time to come back, and I’ve been there stiffly.

I’m going to relax the muscles that I’ve been building up.

They’ve lost all their blood. ~

I met him in Dunsan-dong. I knew him in advance.

I went to Dunshan Spa.

on foot from Galleria Department Store

It’s good to walk, and the facilities are the best.

It’s neat and well-

Parking is possible at the tower near here.

He said it was okay to bring the car.

To make it easier to recognize the sign.

It’s all fancy.

I didn’t think I’d get lost.

so striking as to be

It was my style.

I’ve been most worried.

It was a well-prepared place.

All the employees here are wearing masks.

Of course I’m wearing it.

It was my peace of mind to from time to time, disinfection department.

Thanks to you, I feel at ease.

It was comfortable to use.

You’re the first one to come in.

I saw the shoe rack.

But even the shoe rack is unusual.

Not only are you good at Daejeon Massage,

The interior is neat and luxurious.

It’s more 건마 memorable.

Put the name of the person who made the reservation at the counter.

He chose the course we’d take.

They’re very kind, too.

What courses can I take?

It’s easier if you show me in detail.

I was able to choose.

Thailand’s most famous natural on the course.

There was also a management using Yamong cream.

You can buy just the cream.

So I bought one.

I followed the staff’s instructions into the room.

It’s definitely a well-equipped place.

There was even a shower.

Thanks to you, even after you’ve been under care,

I can wash up and go back.

It was very satisfying.

The gown you prepared for me to change.

They’re all large enough.

I liked it because it had a luxurious feel.

It’s a very unique interior.

to these little things

I think I’m taking care of it meticulously.

For your information, the clothes I wore

The staff gets it and keeps it.

Using the Styler,

You’ve taken good care of it.

You come out with a refreshed body and a matte outfit.

I felt so refreshed.

I’m sure I’ll have to get back to what I’ve been wearing.

I can’t help but feel uncomfortable when I go out.

Completely dust or smell

It was good to have it removed and returned! Haha

There is also a separate snack room inside.

Anytime you use the Daejeon Massage Shop.

He told me I could use it as much as I want.

I’ll take care of myself while I’m eating snacks.

It’s nice to be able to receive it.

Not only a simple jug,

There was a drink I could drink.

I wanted to drink something cold.

It was very witty.

Of course, warm tea or coffee.

You could’ve burned it.

There’s so many different things.

It’s easy to choose what you like.

Start with a simple snack.

Fried rice, dumplings, chicken skewers, etc.

We had a variety of arrangements.

Simply after the Great Massage

That I could fill my stomach and go back.

I loved it so much.

We have ice cream.

And I was able to eat dessert.

There’s a variety of different kinds of things, so I’m always…

There’s also a screw bar that I enjoy eating.

For your information, the bed in the room,

It’s a massage bed machine.

Unlike normal machines, lying down.

The point was that I could get it.

Adjusting the intensity or time.

I was able to set up the parts

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